Advantages And Disadvantages of using Grammarly (2021-2022)

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using Grammarly as a grammar checker tool. Here are some of those pros and cons mentioned.


Grammarly Advantages

There may be some grounds for skepticism when it comes to Grammarly’s reliability, but that doesn’t in any way imply that it doesn’t have advantages of its own.

  • Compared to other websites, this one has an incredibly user-friendly layout and user interface. All the features are easily accessible, and there is also an assistant that displays all of your objectives and error types in a column that you can select to view them individually.
  • There is an app, web tool, and extension for Grammarly so that you can correct articles no matter where you are or what device you are using. It’s also compatible with Microsoft Word so that you can correct your articles as you are typing them.
  • As a continuously evolving app, its developers devise updated algorithms that detect all of the grammatical and spelling errors made in an article. Isn’t that what you need? It checks for all of the errors more efficiently than its competitors.
  • In addition, you can find explanations as to why a particular error occurred in your article. This will help you learn more grammar-related rules, as well as build your vocabulary since any words used repeatedly will be noted.

Grammarly Disadvantages

With advancements in technology in the field of grammar checking, Grammarly has some disadvantages, such as overlooking some fundamental mistakes. It may also suggest overused words.

Depending on the context of the paragraph, these suggestions aren’t relevant. If you’re narrating a story, Grammarly wouldn’t be able to detect any inconsistencies regarding details.

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