Bank Statement Request Letter (Samples Included) 2021

This post is for you if you’re wondering how to write a bank statement request letter. Plus, I’ve also attached two pdf files of the bank statement request letter so that you can get an idea of how to create a good bank statement request letter or an application.

The attached files will help you in saving your valuable time. You only need to click on the provided links, and the download process will start in no time.

You can use these bank statement pdf sample files for your own use by making some changes as per your requirement.

Simply download these bank statement applications, and print >> sign, and send it to your bank manager. That’s it.

Bank Statement Request Letter

In the modernized world, the majority of users have internet technical devices in their hands for online transactions. The good thing is now the account holder can look at their bank statement using internet banking and also download the softcopy of their account statement.

But every time, we cannot get our bank-related work done through the softcopy. A few organizations ask for bank attested hard copies.

How can this bank statement request application guide help you?

To apply the hardcopy of the bank statement, account holders need to send an email or a bank statement request letter to the bank manager to give the verified hard copy of the bank statement.

You cannot immediately start writing to the bank manager to request the issue of the bank statement letter. There are some basic words that you require to put to show your honor towards the bank manager.

You cannot use common words while writing to the bank manager. Not only use conventionalities in the condition of writing, but while you are writing this, you are in a state of urgency, or your time goes unfavorable.

That means you measure your investments, your profits for further steps. You cannot use words that indicate vanity in your writing since the requirement is yours, so you have to take steadiness.

If you continually ask bank employees to give your bank statement, then you should need to have a legitimate reason for your urgency. There is a specific structural format, and you only require to follow it to write a letter for your bank transaction history.

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What is a Bank Statement?

A bank statement is an outline of every transaction which has been done by a person or any company to send money. Mainly the statement has been provided by the bank on a monthly basis.

Bank statement consists of details of all transactions, credits, debits in the form of cash or cheque, bank service charges, and a few other charges for any other help given by the bank.

Within every month, the bank instantly sends emails to its account holders or places them in branches for pickup. That is the purpose of the account holders to follow the history of the earnings and expenses.

If you imagine the bank statement request letter is like composing an essay, then you’re incorrect. There’s a large difference between writing an essay and a request letter.

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How to write a bank statement request letter?

Step 1. Write the details of the beneficiaries like name and address on the top left side of the letter.

To proceed with your purpose, write the recipient information, specifically mentioning the name and address on your letter’s left side. In this case, you are writing this letter to the bank manager, so the beneficiary, in this case, will be the manager of the bank to whom we are writing the letter.

The manager’s details do not end up with his/her name but also need to write the name of the bank where that receiver works as a manager, branch name, and the address with the zip/pin code.

Step 2. Put the date directly below the recipient’s address.

Specifying the date is compulsory when you are writing a letter while demanding a bank statement from the branch. You need to put the date on the following receiver details. The date is necessary to trace your data; the time of your application is needed for the bank staff.

Step 3. Mention your name and address.

Writing the letter makes you the sender. Write your name, address with your area zip code. If you are serving a business, then write that business address and necessary details.

Step 4. Write the subject. For example, you can write “Bank Statement Request Letter”

The subject should be very short in space. You only require to specify the purpose of writing this letter in the subject place. The subject is the primary foremost thing where people see while reading your letter or email.

In the context of addressing this letter to the manager, your subject usually should be like requesting my bank statement for this account name XXXX from XXXX date to XXXX date.

The subject is a very important appearance of formal letters, which lets the receiver know your purpose for writing this letter.

Step 5. Write salutation, for example, Dear Sir, Mr. or Mrs., Respected Sir, etc.

You always require to write beneficiaries through their gender and designated based salutation. You can use Mr. or Mrs. to address the recipient’s gender basis or write your recipient as Respected Sir/Madam. The better greeting is Sir or Madam, as you are writing this letter to the head of the branch of the bank.

Step 6. Write the main part, “Body” of the request letter.

The foremost work is achieved when the recipient reads the body of the letter. The body should always be split into two or three sections. The first paragraph is forever the introductory section about yourself and mentions the reason for writing the letter.

In the second paragraph, you need to give correct information that is relevant to the purpose of your writing this letter. This could be the account name or account number, or any kind of identification proof.

In the third paragraph, you require to write in the form of requesting by stating the value of your purpose. You should summarize your purpose and write what you are expecting.

You can try Grammarly Premium subscription to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Step 7. Close it with a proper ending salutation.

Now, in the last step, you must complete your letter with “Your’s Sincerely, Name and Signature.” This proves how much respect you are giving to the recipient, which will overwhelm him/her (recipient).

Tips for writing a bank statement request letter:

  • Show appreciation or happiness towards the customer services of the bank.
  • Put suitable words to impose decency while you write a letter to the bank manager.
  • Mention the reason for writing this letter thoroughly.
  • Keep your letter very simple, and it should be in direct speech.
  • Explain the necessity for dealing with the problems and the reason for urgency.
  • You must add your account number to help them catch your data quickly and provide your contact number.
  • Give your signature at the end of the letter.
  • If you want an authentic copy, then you need to give your postal address with your area ZIP code.
  • The writing type is in the form of the formal register.
  • You can also use the Grammarly free trial account to fix hidden spelling and grammar mistakes.

Bank Statement Request Letter/Application Samples

Two bank statement request letters are given below to give you an idea of some specific words you need to use while writing a letter for the demand of a bank statement.

Sample No 1. Bank Statement Request Letter

The Manager,
Bank Of Baroda,
Rashbehari Avenue, Gariahat More,
Kolkata 700019

Date: 12-11-2020

Francis Smith,
12, Lord Sinha Road,
Elgin, Kolkata-700071

Subject- Requesting for bank statement

Respected Sir/ Madam,
I am Francis Smith, having an account in your branch of Bank Of Baroda. I am writing this letter in order to request you to provide a bank statement to me. My Account Number is 9900-3345-0000, and my account name is Francis Smith. I would be very grateful if you could provide my bank statement from this account during the month of June.

As I need to calculate my profits and loss which I made throughout May, it would be very helpful for me and very kind of you if you can provide my bank statement as soon as possible within the month of June. Your agility regarding this will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
Francis Smith
(Signature Here)

Download Sample No. 1

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Sample No 2. Bank Statement Request Letter

The Manager,
Syndicate Bank,
21/A Lotus House,
Kolkata 700131

Date: 12-11-2020

Mr. Eric Chris,
House no-20/1,
Sector 5, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700143

Subject- Requirement of Bank Statement

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Eric Chris, consisting of an account in your branch. The reason for writing this letter is to get access to my bank statement in the next month. My account name is Eric Chris, and the number of my account is 5566-7788-2222. It will be very much beneficial for me if you arrange my bank statement for the month of April.

As per my quick requirement of the bank statement, It will be very kind of you if you provide my bank statement as early as possible. Your agility towards this will be so good for me.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
Francis Smith
(Signature Here)

Download Sample No. 2

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Final Words

We believe and hope that these formal letters, which are used for requesting a bank statement to the bank manager, will give you some direction to proceed with your writings.

If you have any inquiries, feel frank to ask in the comment section below. I or someone from the WritingSoftware.Net team will get back to you as soon as it is possible.

Make sure that the variety of words that you are using should need to be very pleasant. I hope this bank statement request letter writing guide will help you in writing a great and eye-catchy letter.

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