10 Best Email Writing Apps (Write Effective Emails) In 2021

Are you looking for some of the best email writing apps to compose compelling emails? If yes, then this is the best web-page that you should visit for an updated list of best email writing applications in 2021.

Why write effective emails?

To deal with the proper direction in the global workplace, we require to study how to write compelling emails. Irrespective of the field, job, or expertise, you should have valuable email writing skills. Email is a straightforward method to interact with somebody who is hard to contact through phone calls.

Moreover, emails are an excellent technique to maintain written records of information and invoices. It also enables you to send media files and documents easily. Overall, email is an essential part of business communication. If you want your marketing or sales campaign to skyrocket, you need to develop the way you write emails. But writing promised emails is not an easy task.

Luckily, there are plenty of best email writing apps that can assist you to write very polished messages in no time. To assist you to pick the right tool, here I have selected the 10 best email writing apps that can support you to be more prolific while writing emails and making your emails clear and effective.

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Top 10 best email writing apps to write effective emails in 2021:

Best Email Writing Apps
Best Email Writing Apps

Here we are going to start our list of best apps that can level up your email writing game:

1. Gmail

Gmail is unquestionably one of the most used email applications. But the quality that makes it best among others is its features. To write productive emails, Gmail has a feature named smart compose. This feature is completely AI-based, and it tries to surmise the typed text so that AI can recommend a complete phrase or words to complete your sentence. Not only this feature lets you save your valuable time but also lessens the possibilities of typo and grammatical errors.

Gmail - #1 Email Writing Application

Besides that, it is also arranged with another exceptional feature — Smart Reply. Smart Reply scans the whole context of a mail and recommends some quick replies. You only need to click the preferred answer and tap on the reply option to send it. Attaching media files and documents are also very accessible in the Gmail app. If you are searching for the best email writing apps try Gmail without any doubt.

2. Grammarly

Sending emails with grammatical mistakes reflects poorly on your professionalism. I always advise my readers to proofread their emails before pressing the send button. Nevertheless, if a lack of time is the problem for proofreading your emails, I will recommend you try an AI-Based proofreading tool such as Grammarly.

Grammarly Keyboard Email Error Suggestions

It is an outstanding tool that examines the lines of text you have written and reviews them for any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. It serves to keep your emails grammatically accurate and very simple to understand so that you can send your message to the recipients proudly.

With the premium upgrade, you can use the plagiarism detector and vocabulary enhancement features. You can also assign your texts to a professional proofreader as well to cross-check text. Overall, it is a great app, and if you are not a primary English speaker, then I extremely recommend you try Grammarly’s free trial version.

3. Gorgias

Do you waste the most utmost of your time crafting similar kinds of emails but to various recipients? If yes, then, in that case, Gorgias Templates can support you a lot. With the name — Gorgias Templates, you can guess that it is a software that enables you to add pre-written templates and letters in your email. But unlike most of the opposite pre-written snippet tools, it will allow you to practice your own writings.

Gorgias - Write Emails Faster

With Gorgias, you can generate various short templates of repeated texts for your emails. And later, you can add those templates with the help of shortcuts. This feature can save your time, and it lets you reply to emails within seconds. I can conclude that Gorgias is the best email writing apps that you should try if sending emails is your primary task.

4. Just Not Sorry

If you want to represent yourself as an expert, you need to use confident languages in your emails. Email communications with a shortage of self-confidence can make any important email look weak and useless. If you are also used to adding words like “Sorry,” “I think so,” “I am no expert,” and others, then I highly suggest you use the “Just Not Sorry” plug-in.

Just Not Sorry Email Application

It is an outstanding email writing application formed by Cyrus Innovation that flags out words or idioms in your emails that use weak qualifiers. Just Not Sorry tool underlines those texts and phrases in red as if it was misspelled. You just require to hover over the flagged words to learn why it should be avoided. Although, it is okay to practice such words as “sorry” or “I think” seldom in your email, but abusing it is not advisable. Overall, Just Not Sorry is one of the best email writing apps on this list.

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5. Crystal Knows

Everyone has a distinct style of writing. And if you want to be sure that you chat with others grammatically correct, then I will recommend you use Crystal Knows. It investigates all the present online public data of other users to notify you of how correctly you should talk with others.

Crystal - The best email writing app

It forms a personality profile of your beneficiary on the basis of online data such as social profiles, tweets, and others. After estimating, it hints at the sentence writing style, tones, phrasing, etc so that you can craft your email according to that. It assists you to produce more leads and increases the chances of believing your proposals for the sales pitch.

6. Detective By Charlie

Do you spend most utmost of your time using a computer to study someone you are about to pitch over email? If yes, then Detective by Charlie can be an excellent partner for you. It is an AI-based writing application that collects data from thousands of sources such as social media, blogs, and other platforms and discovers almost everything that you might be looking for.

Detective By Charlie

This automation process can assist you to save much time so that you spend less time writing your sales pitch. It is a helpful email writing app for those high-volume salespeople looking to see success very fast. If you are into something like this, then I extremely suggest you use Detective by Charlie.

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7. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is an outstanding tool that makes your email look more professional and appealing. It helps you grow your brand and get more reliability. WiseStamp is a popular email signature creator that helps you to create an information-rich, polished, and pleasant signature within a few seconds.

WiseStamp - Best Email Writing Apps

WiseStamp comes with a free plan that empowers you to produce a free advanced signature and let you customize fonts, style, color, images, social media accounts, etc. However, the premium plan offers extra features and enables you to generate multiple signatures using different themes.

8. Shift

Changing between various profiles while working is a very time-consuming job, but not anymore. You can make use of the Shift app to streamline all your accounts, apps, and workflow so you can seamlessly shift between them. In simple words, Shift enables you to shift your accounts in just a single click.

Shift - #1 Email Writing App

Shift supports over 800 web applications, extensions, cloud services, and mail accounts. It helps you in improving your productivity and manage all your accounts such as social media, emails, GitHub, AWS in one single app. It also lets you customize your notification setting as per your requirement. If you want some best writing apps in your bag, Shift is the best option to select.

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9. MailMentor.io

To impress clients with your emails, make sure that you write short, clear, and attention-grabbing messages. Explain to them the main motto of your email and never add long paragraphs. If you want a third eye to keep suggesting improvements, MailMentor is the right and one of the best email writing apps available today!

MailMentor - Best Apps To Create Emails

MailMentor is one of the most popular email writing tools that helps you by giving you immediate feedback about the email you have written. You just require to copy your text and paste it into MailMentor. After investigating, it suggests the improvements, such as reducing the length of paragraphs or making your language simple and straightforward. So, the receiver can easily understand your message.

It also determines the reading time of your emails. Always Remember the rule – shorter emails are more solid and clear to understand. So, MailMentor is one of the best email writing apps on this list as it helps us write great emails.

10. Subjectline.com

Do you hustle to use the perfect subject lines that can influence your receiver to open your email? You are not alone! Many people encounter the same situation in writing smart, and clickable email subjects within 40 words that can convince others to read your email. In that case, I suggest SubjectLine.com.

SubjectLine - Best Email Subject Writing Application

It is a popular subject line analyzing app that examines your text and indicates the quality of your subject line and its engagement score. It also saves your emails for spam triggers and recommends safe words to make your subject lines more valuable and appealing.

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The bottom line

So, these were some of the best email writing apps that can help you write compelling emails. Composing appealing emails is an art and it takes time to become the master of writing compelling emails.

However, with the assistance of the above-mentioned email writing tools, you can develop your productivity, save time, and determine how to write professional emails.

Now that you have the list of best email writing apps to write compelling emails, it is time to try these smart email writing apps and start improving your email writing skills.

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