Cover Letter vs. Resume: Major Differences Explained (2021)

Cover Letter vs. Resume – Clear your doubts today by reading this article. The best explanation on the difference between a resume and the cover letter.

Do you want to know the difference between a cover letter and a resume? If yes, then this cover letter vs. resume article is only for you. Read this post thoroughly as I’ve also added examples to differentiate cover letter vs. resume. I believe you will undoubtedly like this cover letter vs. resume difference explanation guide.

Cover Letter vs. Resume
Cover Letter vs. Resume

What is a Resume?


A resume is an overview of your work experience in a past job field, important skills, educational qualification to recognize you as the best job candidate. Many crucial points should be present in the resume. Here are those important points:

  1. Educational history – You must write down your educational history. When you passed out High-secondary, undergraduate, and especially if you’re having a post-graduate degree like master’s degree and Post-Doctorate degree on specialization. You need to show the time period of the year when you began your study from Kindergarten to when you end up your education in Post-Doctorate.
  2. Applicable skills – This is the additional skill based on your performance in the arena of extracurricular activities, which either can be related to your studies or to your strength build-up. For example, having a good ability in thinking, you can create anything very creatively. That makes you a perfect creative applicant.
  3. Summary of qualifications – This part should include official merit-based certificates or workplace achievements. For instance, you can give the experience document of your former job as a history teacher, and you trained or guided students for their good marks. Those who are leading the hire sectors should be able to scan your summary of qualification firstly.
  4. Professional memberships – You also need to specify any kind of business that you are associated with potentially, for instance, being a member or partner of the Delhi Taj hotel management will have a chance to enhance your resume for a high approval rate.

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What is a Cover Letter?

job cover letter

A slight knowledge or introduction to who you are, which skills you are carrying, and why you desire to apply for this position, and why you are fit for this job — You need to write three to four paragraphs in a subjective tone. The cover letter enables you to express your personality instead of your established qualifications. Cover letters are regularly optional, so if you require to send your cover letter accompanying your resume, then you can have the possibility to convey your compliance over the match in this job. Many conditions are needed while writing your cover letter. These guidelines are given below:

  1. Heading – Just like professional letters, you must add your name, residential address, date, and recipient’s contact details on the cover letter.
  2. Greetings – You must start your letter with a professional greeting, and after that, write the prefix of recipients which should be used before the name, like Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr. If you don’t know the gender details of the receiver, then you need to write Mr. or Ms. with the use of stroke or otherwise, if you do not know the name of the recipient then you can notify him/her through his/her name with adding Dear. For instance, Respected or Dear Manager of the Hiring Committee.
  3. How you get the job – If you let your company understand that from where you sought for the position, it will assist them in further hiring efforts. For instance, if the business uses a website for recruitment, writing the information of the source in your cover letter will let them know, and they can get fitted candidates or recruits through that resource.
  4. How will you give your commitment to the organization – Reading your aims for the position shows to your possible employer that you are ready to do the required efforts. You must write goals that fit with the company’s mission statement to explain your position as important when you will be part of their mission.
  5. Your goals to further contact – When you get a call for an interview, then you must prove your interest so that your organization can get to understand how much you are concerned about this post.

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Cover Letter vs. Resume: Major Differences

  • Format – Your cover letter must be in the style of a formal letter or application with having great touch of professionalism. While your resume should have various portions with sharp points that carry selective information like the date of the employment and job duties.
  • Content – A resume is a comprehensive summary of your educational and career experiential records. The resume can be a list or compile all of the related skills and acknowledged experiences that can be implemented in your recent job search. Meanwhile, a cover letter should highlight especially the job you are applying to. While some information might be presented in both papers, a cover letter mainly focuses on current and future goals, and a resume illustrates past jobs and accomplishments.
  • Purpose – Your resume should be included with a wide range of details of your educational qualification and former job experiences in one or two pages. Employers perceive resumes to judge your skills and your qualifications for that job. Your cover letter allows you to produce a broadside of yourself as a person and an applicant.

Resume Example:

Taz Smith
[email protected]

University of Calcutta, West Bengal
Bachelor of Arts in History

Summary Qualifications

  • Copy editor certifications of you from Star publishers.
  • Adobe Certified Expert.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor of History, Jadavpur University, January 2018 – present.
    Work as Assistant Head of the Department for History course.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of Debate Society of Jadavpur University as a conveyor.
  • Member of Historia, Society of Historical facts of Jadavpur University as ahead.

Cover Letter Example:

Taz Smith,
45/A Block C,
Salt Lake, Sector 5,

November 13, 2020

Humanities Department,
Presidency University,
86/1 College Street,
Kolkata 700073

Respected faculty members of the Humanities Department,

I recently went through the job requirement page of your website, where I noticed that there is one vacancy for a history teacher as a permanent job. I would like to apply for this job. I have admired all core committees of Presidency University who are working their best to reach this institution at the top position. I have five years of teaching experience in the role of associate professor as well as assistant head of the department at Jadavpur University. I have extensive knowledge of teaching skills which properly applied during the time of lectures given to students. During my time as a professor, I have favored my students to develop or increase their passion for finding the origin of any place, find the history of anything, and I believe that nothing can begin without history.

I have done my post-doctorate degree in history and a master’s degree in education from the University of Calcutta. I can assure you that I make the students worthy of genius and let them grow interested not only in history but its contemporary subjects. I would like to have a consultation with you for further proceedings. You can knock me at 6679087342 or via [email protected] I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Taz Smith, Ph.D

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The Bottom Line – Cover Letter vs. Resume

Both formats of job applications not only assist you to enhance your writing skills but also let you find your worthy skills. If you want to do something on your own, then get set right now for applying for a job through resume and cover letters. I hope now I’ve removed all your uncertainties regarding the cover letter vs. resume. Please let me know if you still have any doubts related to the cover letter and resume. I or someone from the WritingSoftware.Net will surely help you in no time.

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