Is Grammarly Safe To Use? Understand How It Works! (2021)

If you presuming that who I am to share my opinion on Is Grammarly Safe issue, then I would love to inform you that I’m a common person just like you, who is utilizing the Grammarly tool for the past four years. So, rest assured, you can believe me on my opinion which I have given in this article.

Many online forums are flooded with the same question – Is Grammarly Safe to use? I read almost answers but I didn’t get a single satisfactory answer. So, to clear your doubt on Grammarly’s reliability and security, I’m here today with another topic that is dedicated to all those readers who want to make sure that Grammarly is not a spying tool. 

Is Grammarly Safe To Use?
Is Grammarly Safe To Use?

After reading this article thoroughly, you will understand that your uploaded documents on Grammarly are safe or not.

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Let’s dive right into the article.

Is Grammarly Safe And Reliable?

Well, the answer is “No.” Grammarly is not fully safe!

When you write on Grammarly Editor or any other Grammarly’s application, you are transferring your text to the servers of Grammarly. According to me, online activities are vulnerable.

Moreover, the privacy policy page of Grammarly says: “We Do Not Guarantee 100% Security.”

So, in terms of safety, Writing on Grammarly servers is like sending a secret email. :p I hope you understood what I wanted to say. 😀

However, Grammarly is safe and reliable if you follow all the guidelines mentioned below in this article.

As I had promised you at the beginning of this article that I will write everything with proof so that I can clear all of your doubts.

For a clear view, I will recommend you to visit the privacy policy page of Grammarly and read it carefully.

Head over to the “How secure is my information?” section and read it. In the very first paragraph, Grammarly itself clearly mentioned that the data you give to them is not 100% safe, and if you’re using their service use it at your own risk.

Grammarly's Privacy Policy Page Statement On User's Safety!

Grammarly utilizes all your text documents to improve their algorithms’ capabilities. Moreover, while signing up for the Grammarly account if you used your Google or Facebook account, you shared all your information with them.

Anything available online is vulnerable can be hacked! I am not criticizing Grammarly here. I’m a Grammarly fan and using it for four years. But, I can’t deny the fact of online vulnerability. Even many of my sites got hacked and this is when I was using many premium security plugins. 🙂

I will not blame Grammarly even big players like Google and Facebook had a data breach in the past. Read this article by Wired, where they discussed Facebook data breaching which took place in September 2018. And, next after one month, in October 2018, Google had a data breach too reported by Experian.

If you are one of those who do not want to lose their privacy, technically they shouldn’t use the internet. Sounds like a joke, but TRUE!

Well, now it is time to discuss ways which we can use to keep our data safe while using the Grammarly application.

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Tips to be safe while using Grammarly:

1. Disable Grammarly extension when in no use.

It might sound joke if I advise you to disable the browser extension of Grammarly. Well, if you’re typing any sensitive information keeping the browser extension active, you are playing with your privacy. That’s why I’m recommending you to disable Grammarly’s browser extension when you’re typing something which should be confidential.

You can disable the Grammarly browser extension by following these steps:

Step-1. Right-click on the extension and then select the “Manage extensions” option.

Step-2. Turn off the toggle button, and that’s it.

2. Use Strong Passwords.

Passwords, which are the most crucial part of our security but it is something we don’t take seriously. Humans are so lazy :p and we use the same password for all our accounts.

I know, it makes our life easy but this is something severe, and if someone steals your password he/she can access everything that belongs to you on the internet.

So, I always recommend my readers to use strong passwords. You must use special characters, lower and uppercase combination, and numeric characters as well. And, make sure your password is at least eight characters long.

If remembering multiple passwords is something out of your league, you can make use of applications like LastPass and Dashlane. These applications are free and secure according to many tech experts.

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3. Report Errors to Grammarly Support Team.

If you see any error or bugs in the Grammarly software or web editor, address the issue to the official Grammarly support team. You can use this link to contact the support team of Grammarly.

Visit the link and create a new ticket concerning the issue you are facing and the support team will revert back to you within 24 hours in working days.

Moreover, make sure you’re not sharing the issue on any public platform because it can help hackers to make use of those bugs. Contact the support team using the link mentioned above and if they do not respond within the given time, then you can make it public.

4. Delete Uploaded And Saved Files.

We save our files in the Grammarly software even I do the same. But, if you’re one of those who are dead serious about their online privacy, you must delete your saved and uploaded documents from Grammarly once you are done with proofreading. It will help you to prevent Grammarly to track your data and records.

Is Grammarly safe? The bottom line…

According to Grammarly’s privacy policy, they do not sell your content to any third party users. The AI technology of Grammarly scans your documents to proofread it and fix possible grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Grammarly never spies on your content.

But, as I said earlier in this article, Online privacy is a myth. If you own a Gmail account, you’ve lost your privacy a long ago because Google uses your search history to serve you better and optimized ads as per your interest. Even, Facebook is doing the same.

Grammarly is also a browser extension and they don’t promise you your safety! So, in short, Grammarly is not completely safe. Hackers can steal your data if you’re not using a strong and unique password and if you’re not disabling the browser extension when in no use.

Your data is safe if you’re not saving it to Grammarly’s servers.

I hope this article helped you in getting the answer to the question – Is Grammarly Safe. If something is still unclear, feel free to ask using the comment section. I or someone from the WritingSoftware.Net team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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