ProWritingAid Review (2021): Is It Worth It? (25% OFF)

ProWritingAid Review – Is It Safe And Worth It?

Writing good content is not a big problem, but writing professionally without leaving any space for errors is undoubtedly a superpower.

People like me hire content writers for professional content for their business to increase their conversion rate.

If you cannot afford a paid writing service, then you should definitely go for digital proofreading software. Because nowadays, proofreading tools are built with AI technology, and developers are constantly upgrading grammar rules to maximize user experience.

In this article, I am going to write an honest review of one of those popular tools of digital proofreading software, which is none other than ProWritingAid. Like most of the quality digital writing tools, ProWritingAid belongs to the freemium segment.

ProWritingAid Review

I will also share additional relevant and important information regarding this tool so that I can answer all of your queries from scratch.

I can assure you after reading this unbiased ProWritingAid review, you will not hesitate to try their Premium subscription.

Important: This is an entirely independent, genuine, and unbiased review of the proofreading software —

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ProWritingAid Review (2021)

ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is a digital writing tool inbuilt with robust proofreading technology with many other features to enhance your writing style and turn it into a professional masterpiece. If you are struggling to improve your writing skills, then ProWritingAid is undoubtedly the best tool to get your hands on.

This is what I can discuss this proofreading tool to help you understand it better.

What is ProWritingAid?


ProWritingAid has become so famous that you may already know the answer. But for those who are not aware of this astounding digital tool –

ProWritingAid is a premium grammar corrector that warns the user about any grammar slips and also grows the writing style by indicating the tone and recommendations to improve it. It is largely used by copywriters, bloggers, students, and many other experts who are related to content writing in any way.

There are many other types 0f free proofreading software, but what sets ProWritingAid special is its user-friendly interface with 100% efficiency in flagging mistakes.

Apart from the necessary grammar analysis, ProWritingAid gives many other features to advance the quality of your content.

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Features of ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offers appealing features that make its status more eye-catchy and worthy as necessary proofreading software. It has a lot more to contribute than basic grammar and spells checks. Its user-friendly interface supports people quickly discover all the features easily. I have mentioned all the features of ProWritingAid below:

1. It can enhance the readability of your text.

Prowritingaid Readability

This feature is uncommon and is unquestionably not provided by any other free digital writing tool.

ProWritingAid enhances the readability of your content by giving personal reports, like using the Flesch Reading score to manage readability and assist you to adjust your content so that it is suitable for the age and educational level of your target audience.

Keeping an eye on readability will surely enhance the quality of the content and assist the reader to get it better.

2. ProWritingAid also keeps an eye on the style of content.

Prowritingaid Writing Style

ProWritingAid also allows a full check on the writing of your content errors and supports you to fix them by correcting mistakes like unnecessary adverbs, repeated words, and others. One of the most helpful features is reports checks for all instances of passive voice, with instructions on how to change each case to an active voice. This will support keep your users engaged.

3. Advanced grammar checker is available in the ProWritingAid software.

grammar checker prowritingaid

Grammar examiner is one of the most important features of ProWritingAid.

It includes both meager and vital grammar errors, from tenses to homonyms.

But keep in mind that ProWritingAid is based on artificial intelligence, which cannot be accurate as it requires human nature.

Accordingly, the user should have a primary understanding of English and be able to have the final say on whether to use all suggested corrections or not.

4. ProWritingAid will suggest you change overused/repeated words.

overused prowritingaid review

Repeated words and phrases not only demote the quality of your writing but also disturb the reader. ProWritingAid indicates words and phrases that are overused and offers ideas for replacing them.

5. The tool helps you write shorter and beautiful paragraphs.

prowritingaid sentence detector

Writing sentences is an artwork, which means considering the length and even the parts of each sentence. Overly long sentences can degrade the content quality.

ProWritingAid informs the user of long sentences and visually charts sentence lengths throughout the piece of writing. Users can observe at a glance where they need more precise sentences or more variation, and the tool makes individual recommendations on reducing redundancy and advancing the clarity of images.

6. ProWritingAid suggests synonyms increase your vocabulary.



Apart from basic flaws, ProWritingAid also hints at different synonyms to improve the quality of the paper. It is one of my personal favorite specialties that is given by this astounding proofreading tool. You don’t just get told that you’ve repeated a word; you will be advised with a range of synonyms to replace it, assisting to grow your vocabulary strength.

7. In-built plagiarism checker, which helps in writing fresh content.

prowritingaid plagiarism checker
ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid gives a compelling and helpful “Plagiarism” feature. Running this means the tool will analyze your content with billions of web pages and check its uniqueness.

This feature is awesome. It helps users to deliver classy content unmatched by any other content available on the internet.

These are just a few of the features ProWritingAid offers in the free version. The best way to see its full potential is to try the premium subscription plan.

If you have any doubts about any feature mentioned, then drop your comment below. I will help you with whatever your query is.

ProWritingAid Premium Pricing (Cost Subscription Plans):

The regular version of ProWritingAid is available for free, and anyone can opt for it, but it limits many features.

To access all features, you are needed to buy the Premium version. There is a range of extended programs that are increasingly cost-effective in the long term.

Here are the pricing plans (in USD) of ProWritingAid Premium:

Pros and Cons of ProWritingAid

As I mentioned beginning in this article that ProWritingAid is one of the most compelling grammar monitoring tools, but it has flaws as it is just a computer application. Here are the pros and cons of ProWritingAid that you should understand before upgrading to their paid plan:


  • In-depth error and improvement reporting compared to other grammar tools.
  • The browser extension assists you everywhere you write online.
  • Plagiarism detector helps you recognize that your content is unparalleled.
  • You can start using its Premium features at no cost as they offer a 14-day free trial.
  • It is supported for nearly all devices, including Mac, Windows, and Android.


  • You need a working internet connection to begin using it.
  • The pricing structure is slightly expensive for newbies, but it is worth it.
  • Right now, it is open for only English language users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We went through thousands of questions from you and handpicked the most important ones to give the following answers.

Is ProWritingAid Free?

ProWritingAid is an AI-based digital writing medium that works as an assistant to clean out grammar and other mistakes.

ProWritingAid is not completely free and belongs to the freemium segment.

The free version gives some basic errors that are half of what it has in the advanced version.

Apart from that, you do not get to access the PC version and can only examine 500 words at a time on the web variant of ProWritingAid.

*Note: If you are not sure about your purchase of the ProWritingAid tool, then you can ask for a return within 14 days of buying. It is a user-friendly policy to get more loyal clients.

Is ProWritingAid 100% Perfect?

No, ProWritingAid, like any other proofreading tool, cannot be 100% accurate because the English language is not based on calculation or fully on grammatical rules.

There are meanings of words and phrases that cannot be recognized by software based on artificial intelligence.

But when it comes to spelling detection and grammar rules, ProWritingAid is pretty perfect.

I heartily recommend ProWritingAid for professional use as well as meeting your casual content writing requirements.

Does ProWritingAid Work with Other Third-Party Writing Platforms?

Apart from the desktop and web version of ProWritingAid, it also allows integration with other writing softwares.

By installing the ProWritingAid Chrome extension, one can scan for typos everywhere on the web (Chrome interface.)

Besides this, users can also integrate the ProWritingAid tool with Microsoft Word and Scrivener.

Put simply, ProWritingAid does work with other third-party writing platforms.

These were some basic queries asked by users on the internet concerning the Pro Writing Aid grammar checker tool.

I hope that all the inquiries or doubts are removed now after this comprehensive ProWritingAid review.

Final Words (ProWritingAid Review)

No matter how much audio (podcast) and visual (video) communications get fame, reading won’t ever sink away.

Writing is not just an action or hobby now: it has transformed into a high-income profession that makes it more appealing these days.

Everyone from early school leavers to language educators can use this proofreading software to produce a flawless piece of content.

Today, I have shared a complete and unbiased ProWritingAid review and also shared other important information in the form of Q&A.

I guess that this ProWritingAid review will assist you in understanding the tool.

But if you have any inquiries or dilemmas related to the topic, then please discuss below. I will reply to it with a pleasant solution in no time.

Also, please share this article with your colleagues and relatives to support them to improve their understanding of proofreading software.

Which is your favorite feature of ProWritingAid? Please share your own experience with us and help other readers.

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