WhiteSmoke Review (2021) Pricing & Features (75% OFF Deal)

WhiteSmoke review — updated in September 2021 with every detail of this grammar checker tool. In this comprehensive review of WhiteSmoke, we shared about the premium pricing programs, pros-cons, and specialties. Let’s begin reviewing WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke Review
WhiteSmoke Review

“Your grammar is poor.”

You must have listened to these words from your chief or your customer when you present the final copy of the article.

I know, it HURTS a lot!

Grammar is important when it comes to writing great-quality articles. However, how can one solve the POOR grammar problem? Well, you need an online proofreading software like WhiteSmoke assists you catch all the errors and fix them.

In this article, we will cover every part of the software. Stay with us till the conclusion until we reveal the entire software in our honest WhiteSmoke review.

Let’s begin!

WhiteSmoke Review – What Is WhiteSmoke?

whitesmoke grammar checker review

WhiteSmoke is an online proofreading software that serves you in finding grammatical, punctuation, and spelling faults in your text. The tool runs in real-time and assists you discover the errors instantly.

The tool offers you a lot of advantages which we will discuss in detail below.

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#1. Native Mobile App

WhiteSmoke is available for both Android & iOS devices so you can monitor grammatical and spelling flaws on the go. With the advanced (premium) plan of the software, you can fix typos in over 50 languages which provides you the ability to acquire new languages while traveling.

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#2. Ready-Made Templates

One of the foremost perks of the WhiteSmoke software is the pre-built 100+ ready-made templates to build a perfect resume, email, manuscripts, and letters. It saves you ampere-hours of creating a resume or report from scratch.

#3. Additional Tutorials

Whitesmoke isn’t just a proofreading software, but alternatively, they have a complete video library on explainer videos on the mistake you do in the article. You can acquire from these videos and figure out the kinds of slips you do in your articles. Repeating this regularly will aid you to make fewer mistakes over time.

#4. Real-time Grammar Check

In the web version of the tool, you can monitor all the grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in real-time. You no more need to copy-paste your texts. Just start writing, and WhiteSmoke will take care of the rest.

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#5. Desktop Software

Not only on mobile and web-version, but you can also use WhiteSmoke on your PC. The same web version of the tool will run on your desktop with the support of the Internet. The desktop app will assist you to keep the software up and working in the background.

WhiteSmoke Features

I hope I was able to assure you about how helpful WhiteSmoke software can be for your online business. However, that’s not only. I have more major reasons for you inside the box. Let’s discuss the characteristics of the software and see wherewith it can moreover assist you.

#1. Grammar Checker

whitesmoke grammar checker

With the WhiteSmoke grammar checker, you cannot write incorrect sentences even if you’d want to. The tool allows a variety of error suggestions like unfinished sentences, wrong punctuations, double negatives, sentence fragments, missing words, dangling modifiers, and much more.

If today you are not great at grammar and begin to use the WhiteSmoke software after a few months you’ll notice a huge advancement in your writing.

#2. Spell Checker

Trust it or not, we all do spelling slips while drafting the articles. Most of the time we don’t even recognize the errors we make, and that’s when WhiteSmoke spell checker comes into action. The tool actively monitors all your spelling errors in real-time both on the desktop and the web app.

#3. Style Checker

It would be ghastly if you have accurate grammar but wrong styling of sentences. Well, not anymore because with the WhiteSmoke style controller feature the tool advises you unique words and idioms keeping the sentence meaning intact. Existing WhiteSmoke users utilize this feature in law firms, schools, businesses, and other institutions.

#4. Punctuation Checker

WhiteSmoke Punctuation Checker
WhiteSmoke Review

That is how vital a punctuation sign is. If you don’t know where to put a comma, colon, hyphen, or dash the software will lead you through it. The tool tells you error in recognizing lacked punctuations, periods, quotation marks, apostrophe, etc. The tool highlights the error for you to identify and resolve it quickly.

#5. Translator

whitesmoke translator

The WhiteSmoke translator is developed on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) which analyzes more than millions of translated lines to provide you an accurate translation of your writing.

You can utilize the translator on your social media accounts, blogs, and SMB to connect with a new audience. Moreover, you can also sell it as a service to people who require to translate their text and don’t know anything about proofreading software.

In-Depth WhiteSmoke Review

In this part of the WhiteSmoke review, we will tear down all the features of the software and conclude out what are the robust and weak points in WhiteSmoke.

#1. Accuracy

We will first begin with the accuracy of the tool. Although on copy-pasting the article in the editor, the tool will show you a lot of errors at the start. However, if you closely observe the mistakes, you’ll see that half of the slips suggested are lame and only make your sentences more damaging.

We also remarked that while advising spelling flaws, the tool itself was giving us the incorrect spelling which is disappointing considering they are in the industry since 2007.

Overall, I’m not considerably impressed with the accuracy of the WhiteSmoke software, and I give 6 out of 10 in the accuracy.

#2. Ease of Use

The user interface of the software is easy and simple to understand. However, after you copy-paste the article and want to replace any paragraphs WhiteSmoke will not permit you to make any changes in between I was horrified seeing this.

Apart from that, the tool also doesn’t save your text in the system. So, for any reason, if you erase it without saving you have to make the complete edit again.

I will give a 7 out of 10 just because of the simplistic user interface the software offers.

#3. Help & Support

The Internet is filled with criticism on WhiteSmoke’s help & support team. WhiteSmoke takes many days sometimes even weeks to reply to your inquiry; this can be worrying when you want a solution to the problem instantly.

The rating from my side is 3 out of 10 ratings for help & support of the software. They should improve it.

#4. Editing & Feedback

The error suggestions are minimal. Like Grammarly, you cannot scroll over the error suggestions. Instead, WhiteSmoke will give you a tooltip like the suggestion on your mistake.

A couple of points which I love about the tool is, it has a trustworthy plagiarism checker and a good translator. The text translated with the software is deeply accurate and ready to publish so thumbs up for that.

Overall, I’d give 7 out of 10 in the editing and feedback section of the tool.

#5. Final Summary

All and all WhiteSmoke is an outstanding software to try your hands on as it comes at a little cost and allows you almost all the features. No doubt, some of the error instructions given by the software are lame, but that can be ignored considering the amount you’re paying for the tool.

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Where to Use the WhiteSmoke Software?

WhiteSmoke is a cross-platform software and runs with all the devices that you have. The tool provides you the flexibility to check grammar on the go.

For Android, the app is accessible for free on the Google Play store. After downloading the app login to your account and the tool will begin to monitor all your delusions.

iOS users can download the app from the App Store and start monitoring all your texts, emails, resumes, and social media communications directly on your phone.

For Desktop, the app works in the Windows OS, Mac OS, and various other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Finally, you can also utilize WhiteSmoke in the web-version immediately on their website. Login in to your account, copy-paste the article, and the tool will begin to investigate all the errors.

WhiteSmoke Pricing in 2021

The pricing of the software is divided into three plans. Details are as follows:

#1. WhiteSmoke Essential Plan Cost

Starting at just $4.16/month, the Essential plan is ideal for writers who are just starting their writing profession and don’t have a sufficient budget to spend on a proofreading tool. Talking about the features, it comes with a grammar and plagiarism checker tool and the WhiteSmoke translator also works like a charm.

#2. WhiteSmoke Premium Plan Cost

The Premium plan starts at just $6.67/month allowing you exceptional features like grammar and plagiarism checker, translator, integration with other writing programs. One-click instant proofreading works smoothly.

Apart from that, with the Premium program, you can use the software in Gmail, all the browsers, MS Office, Windows, and Mac OS. The Premium plan is perfect for bloggers and professional writers who are in the writing industry for quite some time now.

#3. WhiteSmoke Business Plan Cost

The last plan is the Business plan which costs just $11.50/month and gives everything from the Premium plan plus a 3-computer license, phone call premium support, and extended download warranty. The plan is excellent for small to medium-sized businesses or institutions that produce content every day.

This was all about the pricing structure of WhiteSmoke software, now let’s find out — is it worth spending on WhiteSmoke proofreading software when you have a number of other options available in the market?

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Is WhiteSmoke Premium Worth It?

Definitely, YES!

WhiteSmoke is one of the most reasonable alternatives to Ginger Software and Grammarly. Moreover, the tool allows you top of the line features which you get in other proofreading software. Features like advanced grammar checker, translation, styling, desktop application, and punctuation checks, and most importantly 100+ readymade templates are hard to get in under $5/month.

Furthermore, WhiteSmoke also provides you access to their complete video library which you can utilize to learn and fix all your grammatical and punctuation flaws.

The only frustrating thing about WhiteSmoke is, they don’t give you any free plan to examine out the tool. However, they do give a full 4-day free trial to try your hand and see if you find the tool ideal or not.

WhiteSmoke Pros And Cons

Let’s see what some of the great and the poor points of WhiteSmoke software are.


  • A very cost-effective tool.
  • Spot all the flaws quickly.
  • 100+ ready templates to utilize directly.
  • Support for Plagiarism Checker and Translator like features.
  • Full video library to learn from your mistakes.
  • Integrates with Outlook, Gmail, and MS Office.


  • In macOS, at times the software fails.
  • The support response is slow.
  • Sometimes paragraphs disappear after you click on Apply Changes.

Can WhiteSmoke Beat A Human Proofreader?

No doubt WhiteSmoke is a prominent software to monitor all your grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. But does that mean it can replace a human proofreader? Well, not really!

An expert human proofreader holding years of experience reads your text can find out every mistake from the document. The software can never replace a human reader when it comes to proofreading.

No doubt hiring a personal human proofreader can be way too costly compared to tools like WhiteSmoke or Grammarly. However, it is shown that they’ll make your article 100% accurate in terms of grammar and other mistakes.

If you’re a blogger or content writer, tools like WhiteSmoke can complete the job for you. However, if you’re a journalist who is looking to write their new book in that case a proofreading tool won’t help as you need an expert human proofreader.

Maybe in the future, tools like WhiteSmoke might replace a human proofreader but not right now.

Is There Any Refund Policy With WhiteSmoke?

Yes, they do offer you a refund policy. If you buy a monthly or annual plan of WhiteSmoke and for some cause, you didn’t find the software helpful in that case you can request a full refund.

The refunds will only be considered if you request in the first seven days. After the 7th day, they won’t initiate the refund.

For the plan cancellation, send an email to [email protected], and you should get your funds back within 48 hrs.

Would I Recommend You WhiteSmoke Software?

Yes, I will!

I mean why not?

It’s such a wonderful tool offered at a fairly low price compared to its rivals. Plus, the tool has all the features that you want to make your articles perfect for publishing.

If you write online and don’t have extra money to hire a personal proofreader to proofread your text, then yes, you need WhiteSmoke. Because, believe it or not, we all do mistakes while writing and if the software can help us determine our writing error in a breeze we should have it!

WhiteSmoke Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many of you have various questions in thought after reading the full WhiteSmoke Review. Here I have collected all the questions and arranged them in a list for you to answer.

Q 1. How is WhiteSmoke Better Than Grammarly?

In terms of features, both the tools have an approximately alike offering. However, when it comes to cost, WhiteSmoke leaves no room for Grammarly to compete.

The premium plan of Grammarly starts at $29.95/mo whereas you get all those features in WhiteSmoke at just $6.67/mo.

Q 2. How to Use WhiteSmoke on Mac?

It’s a simple process to follow:

Step 1: First off, download the application in your Macbook.

Step 2: Double click the .dmg file to begin the installation and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: Finally, create a shortcut and start the software.

Q 3. How to Remove WhiteSmoke from Computer?

Step 1: Go to Start and search for Control Panel.

Step 2: In Control Panel, search for WhiteSmoke.

Step 3: Right-click on WhiteSmoke and click on Uninstall.

Q 4. How to Get WhiteSmoke for Free?

Well, there’s no way to get the WhiteSmoke software for free. The only way is by trying out the 4-day free license. Once the period expires, you need to upgrade to their paid plan.

Q 5. What is WhiteSmoke Translator?

WhiteSmoke Translator is a feature that can translate your text into other languages. For instance, if you’re targeting both the English and French audiences, in that case, with the help of WhiteSmoke Translator, you can transform English text to French and reach a broader audience base.

Q 6. How to Use WhiteSmoke Software?

To use it on the browser, visit their website, and start writing. The tool will check for mistakes in real-time. If you want to utilize it on your laptop, download the native desktop app and repeat the process.

WhiteSmoke Review – The bottom line for WhiteSmoke Software

Look, WhiteSmoke isn’t the greatest proofreading software available online, there are hundreds of other tools as well. However, features like a readymade template, advanced grammar checks, and low pricing make WhiteSmoke a fair investment overall.

I hope this detailed and honest WhiteSmoke review might have assisted you in some way to learn more about this tool. If you found this article helpful do consider sharing it with all your writing friends. Thanks for reading the article. Keep visiting WritingSoftware.Net blog.

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