Who Can Use Grammarly? How to Access It Easily – 2021

You can write clear, mistake-free content with Grammarly’s free version. However, Grammarly Premium is the best solution if you need an advanced writing assistant.

Grammarly Premium offers 400+ types of grammar and spelling checks, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, checks for plagiarism, and fixes errors within seconds as you write.

Who Can Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a tool that is available to everyone, so no matter what your writing requirements are, you can use it. Whether it is professionals or casual writers, Grammarly will take care of all your writing needs.


You can use it as a content writer, student, blogger, or editor to determine the tone and delivery of your article based on your targeted audiences.

How Can You Use Grammarly?

With Grammarly, you can use its services in multiple ways. Here we have listed the ways in which you can do so. As long as you have a working internet connection, you can get started immediately.

1. By using the Grammarly website.

There is a web application called Grammarly that can be accessed using almost any web browser. It can be accessed from its official website.

Try Grammarly Website

2. By using the desktop software of Grammarly.

It can be installed on the desktop without any hiccups; however, an internet connection is required to operate.

3. By using Microsoft Word Add-in.

By installing Grammarly as an MS Word add-in, your article will be checked automatically as you type it.

4. By using a Chrome browser extension.

Grammarly serves this form on all websites and checks the data you input on them.

5. By using the Grammarly keyboard.

You can easily download and install Grammarly Keyboard from both Apple and Google Stores. It corrects your text while you type it on any app. You just need to select it as your input keyboard.

So, these were some ways to use Grammarly.

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